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Oculys leadership includes four middle-aged men in open collar shirts and jackets and one middle-aged woman, all sitting casually on a long bench smiling.
Our leadership team creatively explores and leverages technology through our single most valuable asset – people. We respect and celebrate the team of professionals we have the privilege of working with daily and work collectively to foster an innovative atmosphere. Our goal is to adopt a culture that creates its own destiny and ensures that we continue to thrive in the face of existing and new challenges in hospital performance and patient-centric care.

Franck Hivert, Oculys president and CEO
Franck Hivert
President & CEO
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Bruce Adkins, Oculys Executive Clinical Consultant and RN
Bruce Adkins
Executive Clinical Consultant
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Ken McKay, Chief Scientist
Ken McKay
Chief Scientist
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As CEO, Franck leads the Oculys team and drives the overall strategic direction of our technology and commitment to current and future hospital clients. He has more than 20 years of executive experience in various areas of business development, marketing, finance, and operations. This diversity and his dynamic approach feed his passion and vision for improved healthcare.
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With Bruce’s extensive clinical and leadership background in healthcare, he is our knowledge source and guides all of our team in recognizing the uniqueness of the hospital environment. Bruce has over 35 years of acute care hospital experience and served as a Chief Nursing Executive and Director of ED. His compassion for patients, families, and clinicians supports our innovative design and ensures our solutions address specific relevant needs.
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As the Chief Scientist, Ken steers our technical development to ensure that Oculys solutions include cutting edge and contemporary design elements. He has conducted research for the past three decades on decision processes and support systems for situations that rapidly change, are uncertain, and integrate human judgement as part of the process. His ethnographic research methodology used to understand the dynamics of real world situations is particularly relevant in hospital settings. Ken’s research also focuses on predictive analysis and risk management which is the backbone of the Oculys prEDict wait time technology.He is a Professor of Management Sciences, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo and the author of Software Development on Adrenalin, a software engineering textbook for developers of systems that support high end-user expectations. Ken continues to explore innovation in healthcare and has conducted extensive Emergency Department and Surgical patient flow research over the past five years.