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Oculys provides a real-time patient management system for hospitals. We reduce patient management bottlenecks by tapping into the disconnected silos of hospital administration systems and electronic medical record systems, but unlike those systems, Oculys is focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care in real time.

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Vision – simplifying the complexity in healthcare by relentlessly pursuing innovation through collaboration and software technology

Mission – delivering unprecedented real-time visibility through technology that profoundly improves the patient experience and operational performance in healthcare

Inspired by the challenges facing healthcare leaders, clinicians, and the patients for whom they provide care, Oculys is focused on developing practical operational visibility solutions for healthcare professionals. The current state of hospital IT however, only poses more complexity to the already existing challenge of delivering value in patient care.

The vision of a simple, singular tool that can consolidate essential hospital operational and utilization data from across systems into one view, in real-time, is what drives our product development. As a grassroots organization, Oculys serves communities and healthcare professionals who need practical tools and are the key contributors to our technology on a daily basis.