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Our leadership team creatively explores and leverages technology through our single most valuable asset – people. We respect and celebrate the team of professionals we have the privilege of working with daily and work collectively to foster an innovative atmosphere. Our goal is to adopt a culture that creates its own destiny and ensures that we continue to thrive in the face of existing and new challenges in hospital performance and patient-centric care.

Franck Hivert

CEO and President
As CEO, Franck leads the Oculys team and drives the overall strategic direction of our technology and commitment to current and future hospital clients. He has more than 20 years of executive experience in various areas of business development, marketing, finance, and operations. This diversity and his dynamic approach feed his passion and vision for improved healthcare.

Desh Sharma

VP, Operations
Desh Sharma brings over 20 years of technical industry experience in multiple leadership roles ranging from VP, Product Development & Professional Services to Engineering Director to Technical Support manager to Systems Architect. Desh’s most recent role was in guiding his team at local startup TrustPoint Technologies to build & deliver the key technology used for secure communications between vehicles and traffic infrastructure (V2V, V2X) utilizing elliptic curve technology. This technology forms the standard for the “internet of things” network for self driving vehicles starting with 2023 model year in North America and ultimately save lives by reducing automobile accidents dramatically! With extensive experience in healthcare at Mitra Imaging/Agfa HealthCare, and McKesson Medical Imaging Group combined with operations, support, engineering, quality assurance and product development we have a great combination for delivering product to improve efficiency and productivity in the hospital. As our VP, Operations he will be focusing on building and delivering quality products that our customers can use!

Biao Wang

VP, Data Science
Dr. Biao Wang holds PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo. During his PhD, he has studied and modeled operations intensively in hospital areas, such as emergency department and operating rooms. His PhD dissertation is about predictive modeling of outbreaks of hospital acquired infections. For this study, he spent two years in a local hospital extracting, analyzing, and modeling relevant data from its various subsystems. Dr. Wang also completed a two year postdoc fellowship in the Faculty of Health Science in McMaster University, where he continued his research in modeling of infectious diseases. Dr. Wang also holds a Master Degree in manufacturing system engineering from China. During his masters, He had studied various manufacturing operations and was involved in the development and implementation of a type of software – manufacturing execution systems, which are intended to increase effectiveness and efficiency in manufacturing operations.