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A large circle with a clock-wise arrow around a stop watch depicting 24 hour Emergency Department real-time wait times.

Oculys PrEDict

Oculys prEDict is a powerful real-time communication tool designed to broadcast a hospital’s Emergency Department performance to the community and staff. Scientifically proven and highly accurate, hospital leaders can publicly post unbiased reporting of expected patient wait-times and confidently deliver on their promise.

Our unique technology includes behavioural and patient flow patterns and is based on a sophisticated algorithm developed through 1,000 research hours within an active Emergency Department. Unlike the impreciseness represented by averages, prEDict calculates accuracy at a 90% rate. This R² factor of .94 translates into a real-time factor for patients – 90% of patients will see a physician within the estimate.

Be above average, be accurate!
anytime – anywhere – any device

With Oculys prEDict, clinicians and patients can make informed timely decisions. Decisions that influence admitting times within a hospital or decisions that empower people to seek alternate locations for care. The results – improved patient flow, patient care, patient experience, and financial performance.